Matching People with Homes
Melannie Hay

So here it is….

It is 1:43am and I realized I’m exhausted but I have 19 things from my to do list from yesterday.  And 6 things already the list for tomorrow which is  now already today.

I have market research to complete, social media to update, a website to design, youtube video’s to edit, 6 video’s to film and properties photo’s I need to videoize, signs to order. Flyers to complete and design. Photo’s to SEO up. I need to talk to the vacation website host.  Submit new website names for the sale site. Discuss the host options and pricing.  Further info for the site plan to the development I have listed with a colleague. I need to catch up on my emails.

Then I have a set of comps to write for a new listing, which due to water damage has serious challenges. To follow-up on the 2 short sales I have under contract (I really dislike these) there are so many moving parts which are undeterminable. Then I have another property under contract which I am taking both sides. Upload seller’s disclosure to a listing. Complete updates for past seller’s.  Organize postcards to the new properties. Pick up a drop box.  Drop off signs. Order the door knock flyers, set the program for our launch Open house. Write an agenda for each of the projects, set some meetings.  Finally organize the quickbooks. ARRGGGGGHHH

The lists just keep getting longer. SO I just took 3 things off yesterdays list and now I am going to go to bed.  Even my puppy is asleep next to me. He glares at me when ever I move. Welcome to Real Estate.

Can you tell I love it?


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